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So you are looking to buy a property in Spain. There are many things you need to consider before buying a property - and within this simple guide Spanish Property Selection hope to assist you along the pathway to make that process happen as smoothly as possible.

Worried about all the terms - then visit our legal processes page which will help explain the procedures that are usually followed when buying a properly in Spain

This page is not packed with legal jargon - but with some simple steps to consider before embarking on that important trip to view properties in Spain

Step one - Location

If you are looking for property in Spain - you need first of all to consider which area to focus on. If you are unsure try to obtain as much independent advice as possible, or alternatively make a few trips alone to look around the areas in question - you may find some agents cover all the areas that you are currently considering - and will happily show you around

Step two - Purpose

Step three - Budget

It is well and good looking for property in Spain - but unless you know exactly what you can & cannot afford - you could be wasting your time & your agents time, with the inevitable occurring where you find the property of your dreams - which you cannot finance. If you wish to know the maximum you could afford - why not discuss your finances with a mortgage broker or bank prior to your visit - making your trip an informative and positive one - knowing your exact boundaries before you set out to look around. If you need financial advice - visit our mortgage pages

Step four - Find an agent

There are many agents in the marketplace - and there is also a fine line between searching endlessly every day with a different agent (some may say this offers variety) and sticking to one agent (again some would say you should expand your options). It is better than you find a a couple of agents with a good reputation and offices in or around the area you are searching in - and spend time looking around the area and find out about the local amenities as well as just spending hours looking at property. Try to stick to a maximum of 5-6 houses a day as too many will just confuse. Prior to your visit - check with your agent what you will need access to if you find a house you wish to purchase

Step five - Securing a home & paying a deposit

There are so many ways a deposit can be paid with owners asking for varied sums of money. Your agent should have given you this advice prior to your trip to Spain - so if you really do find the right property, you are prepared to secure it.

Before you do this however - make sure you have a reliable lawyer that can check over all the paperwork to ensure all is in order. Insist that a contract is drawn up with the deposit fully refundable if there is any problems with the property in question - but always refer any questions of this type to your lawyer - not to the agent or property owner

Step five - Signing contracts

Once your deposit is paid and your lawyer is satisfied that all is in order - they will tell you to release the final balance of the deposit (if applicable) - always wait until your lawyer advises you to do this. Contracts should then be signed and returned and you will need to speak to your legal representative about applying for you N.I.E. number.

Step six - Preparation for completion date

Now you need to decide the best way to transfer your money to Spain to your Spanish account (again if applicable) -

Step seven - Completion

Final completion will take place when the title deeds are signed before a Notary - where the full balance of the purchase price needs to be paid. The deed is lodged with the land registry & your lawyer will take care of all other costs such as taxes etc..

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