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Cadiz - property in Cadiz & information including map

Cadiz has been in existence since 1100BC when it was built by the Phoenician tradres - and stands on a peninsula jutting out into a bay, and is almost entirely surrounded by water. It was later controlled by the Carthaginians, until it became a thriving Roman port.

It sank into oblivion under the Visigoths and Moors, but attained great splendour in the early 16th century as a launching point for the journey to the newly discovered lands of America.

Cadiz was later raided by Sir Francis Drake, in the struggle to gain control of trade with the New World, and managed to withstand a siege by Napoleon's army.

In the early 19th century Cadiz became the bastion of Spain's anti-monarchist, liberal movement, as a result of which the country's first Constitution was declared here in 1812

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