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Caravaca de la Cruz - property in Caravaca & information including map

Caravaca de la Cruz is a town in the Murcia region but bordering Granada.

Romans, Iberians & Muslims all passed through the town which has been developed around the castle - a focal point for all visitors

Caravaca is known as the "Holy town" - the town of the cross (as in its name) - and according to legend, in 1232 the king Abu Zeid (Moorish) was converted to Christianity when he saw how two angels brought the cross from heaven to a priest held captive in the castle

In 1998 the Pope awarded Caravaca de la Cruz the Jubilee Year, making it the fifth in the world to be allowed to celebrate the Perpetual Jubilee

Rural tourism for these reasons along with many other interesting sites throughout the town is popular - and not only that, but Caravaca has a very modern side to the town with a wide array of shops, bar & restaurants to enjoy

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