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Commercial property for sale in Spain

Commercial property can come in all shapes and flavours and ranges from beachside bars, country run B & B´s through to large industrial units & factories

When embarking on a business in Spain - it is always wise to appoint a local lawyer to look after your affairs during the long process of setting up a company, opening a local business and making sure all is in order (unless of course you are already experienced with the process)

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When buying an existing business - bear in mind the current owner is selling it - so question why the business is being sold, ask to see current accounts, turnover & statements. The business will probably have a lease - again check how long the lease is in existence for.

Your lawyer will be invaluable - as they will be able to check to see if there any debts outstanding on the business - and again will advise you on the best steps to take

For those looking to start a new business, without knowledge of the laws & language - the process can be a very difficult one to follow - so again appoint a good independent lawyer.

Ensure you have sufficient capital - and that the business can sustain itself for at least a year (in order to get things off the ground & established).

Make sure the location is right for the type of business you wish to open, see if there are similar business in the area - are they struggling to win business? or overrun? each factor will guide you to the right location to start

Hiring employees in Spain is a big step - as well as paying your taxes, social security and so on - again you will need legal guidance and it is recommended to speak to a laboral lawyer (asesor laboral) who specialise in these areas





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