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If you are looking to buy a property in Spain - this is the best place to start

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When you are looking to buy a property in Spain - you may consider or need to obtain a mortgage. Of course there are mortgages available from your bank in your local country - but many people are now taking advantage of some of the excellent rates offered for mortgages in Spain

There are many different mortgage companies in the market offering various percentages against the value of a properly - and it is always wise to shop around or deal with a recommended bank or mortgage specialist who has experience in this field in the Spanish marketplace

Mortgages in Spain are fairly easy to arrange - providing you find a reputable lawyer, you will find that for a small fee they will be happy to make these arrangements on your behalf

If this is not the route you wish to take, and would prefer to handle things on your own - there are plenty of mortgage specialists in the marketplace that will search for the best deal to suit your needs - and Spanish Property Selection have some of their contact details available for you at the bottom of this page

Usually most banks or brokers will need some financial information in order to process your mortgage application - details of these as follows:



General requirements

These are generally the documents you will be asked for - but please do check with the person arranging your mortgage first

Some of the mortgage specialists you can contact for further advice

“Spanish Mortgages Direct S.L. was established in July 2004 and focuses on providing mortgage advice to the non-resident population in Spain.

Based in its head office on the Costa del Sol, a team of UK qualified advisors use their extensive local knowledge to provide customers with the best advice on a wide range of mortgage rates and products.

Spanish Mortgages Direct prides itself on its professionalism and its ability to help customers find the mortgage that best suits their needs. As part of the Oakwood Group LLP, Spanish Mortgages Direct also has the support of a UK financial services company with vast experience of the mortgage industry worldwide, helping to ensure a high level of service and expertise.”

CasaHipoteca S.L. specialises in providing independent mortgage advise. Our expertise lies in finding flexible solutions for people looking to raise finance for a property or remortgaging an existing property for any purpose here in Spain

With a mortgage loan you can buy your home more easily, since not only does it help to finance the purchase, but also the property itself acts as the guarantee. As one of Spain's leading providers in the mortgage market, "la Caixa" offers the best service and the most innovative line of products.




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