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Off-plan & investment properties in Spain are being constructed everywhere - particularly along the Southern coasts and inland due to the large number of Europeans now wanting to move to Spain and enjoy the warm & healthy climate, and of course relaxed way of life

There are so many developments offering communal facilities, additional extras such as "furniture packs", swimming pools, large plots, sea views, and much more - but initially you would be best advised to find out what area or areas appeal to you, and of course what you want the property for? is it as a rental property?, or do you wish to live in it permanently? Whatever the answer - our affiliated agents have the knowledge & expertise to assist along every step of the way

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"Investment" or "off plan" properties can bring the potential buyer quite a good return on their money - particularly if purchased during the early stages of development - as the promoters usually have the initial phases set an very attractive prices in order to attract clients and generate some fast sales

Most of these properties are sold with payment structures made at different stages (but there are many varied schemes and you should consult your agent for payment details for each development) - so be prepared to have usually a minimum of 50% of the total building cost available to meet these payments.

If you are an investor, and looking to purchase a number of properties - again mention this to your agent as most promoters are open to discussions when talking about a "block purchase" and you may save yourself your time and money by letting your representative know this as they will also be able to advise you which developments could bring you a better return on your money

If you are looking to invest in an off-plan properly for your own use - look at what facilities the developments or sites has to offer, and whether the properties will be in close proximity of what you are looking for (as it may be the beach, golf courses or a more rural setting)

Again - if you are investing for your own use, but wish to rent the properly out whilst you are not using it, find out how you are going to manage this - as well as what the expected rental would be during winter & summer months



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