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Spain´s most significant change over the recent decades perhaps is the creation of seventeen autonomias (autonomous regions) with their own governments, budgets & cultural ministries. The old days of a unified nation governed by a firm hand from Madrid, seem to have gone forever, as the separate kingdoms that made-up the original Spanish state reassert themselves. Differences are apparent throughout as language, culture, landscapes, attitudes, politics & traditions.

Each city have their own individual "wonders". Barcelona seems to be a popular attraction for may due to Gaudi´s modernista architecture, the lively promenade of Las Ramblas, designer clubs & of course the football team. Madrid on the other hand - has a vibrancy & style that is revealed in a thousand bars & summer terrazas - not to mention three of the worlds finest art museums. Sevila, home of the Flamenco. Valencia - the vibrant Levantine city with an arts scene and nightlife equal any in Europe. Murcia - with some of the finest golf courses and countryside in Southern Spain.

These are just some of the wonderful cities on offer - and Spain needs to be explored in full to appreciate the wide diversity of culture & style throughout

Monuments range just as widely from one region to another, dependent on their history & control and occupation by Romans & Moors, their role in the "golden age" of Imperial Renaissance Spain, or their twentieth-century fortunes. No that Spain is predominantly about buildings. Most visitors enjoy the fascinating and varied landscape, with evergreen estuaries to high arid plains (as found in Castile) & gulch like deserts landscapes like those in Almeria

Being one of the most mountainous countries in Europe - Spain has wonderful wildlife & walking in many Sierras - above all the Picos de Europa & Pyrenees. The unique fauna found in Spain boast protected species like brown bears, Spanish lynx & Mediterranean monk seals as well as the common boar, white storks & various birds of prey

Obviously, one of the greatest attractions are the beaches. Long tracts of coastline with more blue flag beaches than any other country in Europe.

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